Acting For Film Series: Part 2 – Scene Study
Instructor: Daniel Roemer
Thursdays 7-9pm
April 6-May 25
Members $100 / Non-Members $115
Supply Fee (SD card and reader for new students): $20
Returning students my use their SD card/reader from previous class.

‘Acting for Film Series’: Part 2 (Scene Study) is open to all levels, the second installment to Daniel Roemer’s acting classes. It explores in-depth scene analysis for film, cell phone and laptop recording, including breaking down the scenes from various schools of thought, objectives, adjustments, creating camera-friendly moments, treats to give the editor, listening, how to take bad direction and turn it into good direction, inner monologues and “as ifs.”

Scenes are recorded with professional lighting setup, professional camera gear and microphone. Students return weekly with footage on their own SD cards. This class is also geared toward film directors seeking more sensitivity to the language of directing actors.

High School students may enroll in this adult class.