Drawing and Doodles.

Instructor: Daniel Roemer 
Saturdays 3:00-5:00 pm 
March 31 – May 5 | $110 Members | $135 Non-Members

We live in a world where digital casting is the reality for film and TV. You no longer need to live in Los Angeles or New York to be cast in a major or smaller production. In this class you will learn the vital skills of on-camera auditioning and the tricks of the trade. You will learn How to set up your camera or recording device for casting director standards, tips on helping your performance stand out for demo reels and reading sides and what websites to submit to. This class is a must-have for any actor or novice wanting to try acting on-screen as the audition is the gateway in which you will be cast in a production. Where do you look? What do you wear? Should you bring props? Make small talk? What quality should the video be? Everything is covered and you walk away with 8 weeks of demo-quality footage to use on your reel.