Drawing and Doodles.

Filmmaking for Artists (6 weeks)
Instructor: Daniel Roemer Members $100
Thursdays 6-8pm Non-Members $125
August 31 – October 5
Do you have an artistic eye? Have you ever thought you could make a film or TV show? Do you admire intriguing movies and wonder how they are made? —What are the techniques masters use to create masterpieces? From the smallest YouTube video to the biggest budget movie, there are common staples. In this hands-on interactive class, we will examine the works of Stanley Kubrick, Wes Anderson (The Royal Tenenbaums), and Christopher Nolan (Batman), and break down their work to see how they went from script to screen. –In addition, you will create your own video, via phone, tablet, or high quality video camera to walk away with. (This class is great for film appreciators and artists looking to expand). Max Students 12