Drawing and Doodles.

Instructor: Daniel Roemer
Saturday 3:00-5:00
January 20 – February

Members $110 | Non-Members $135
There’s no doubt about it – we live in a theater town. Wonderful productions popping up constantly and actors and audiences alike are immersed. But there is a new scene… an ‘on screen’ group of actors, and filmmakers alike doing significant work in FILM, creating wonderful productions and doing workshops.

The goal of Lee Strasberg & Emotional Recall is to continue the work done in previous Art Center classes (advanced& beginner), honing the craft as we turn the eye inward and learn how to bring up EMOTIONS in scenes and tap into ‘sense memory’. We will access our VULNERABILITIES and learn to trust in front of the lens while facing the unique challenges of film (shooting out of order, doing multiple takes, rehearsing from home). ‘Emotional Recall’ is a technique used to bring emotions from the past into the scene pioneered by method master Lee Strasberg. We will be implementation his techniques.