Drawing and Doodles.

Mankind Murals Projection & Paint by # – (6 weeks)
Instructor: Luke Beekman                            $100 Members
Saturdays, 1-3pm                                         $125 Non-Members
September 2-October 7
A workshop style class series for Mansfield Murals available at the Mansfield Art Center. Learn the process and participate in large scale artwork, in a series that goes from design, draft, projection on permissible site, paint by numbers, and painting. Mankind Murals, at the Mansfield Art Center, where ideas and certain scale can be achieved. The project idea at the first meeting be a creative large scale pop up canvas, or painting a historic portrayal, scene setting, or even a blue sky on the broad side of a barn. Presentations will be followed by workshops, with the intent of projecting the blueprint of your artistic vision. A paint by #’s project coming to a wall or canvas near you?