8 Reasons to Visit the Mansfield Art Center

Did you know that admiring a work of art is known to stimulate the same part of the brain that is kindled when we fall in love? According to Robie Benve, author of How Art Appreciation Improves Quality of Life (Benve),that’s because the brain releases a chemical called dopamine, or a “feel-good” chemical, which causes us to experience happy feelings when viewing art; and that the same process also happens when we listen to our favorite music. In her article the author writes, “Science confirms what all art lovers already knew in their heart: art appreciation promotes quality of life and makes you feel good.” She also goes on to state how making art is good therapy in that it allows visual expression of our inner selves.

At the Mansfield Art Center, we know art is an important part of life, whether one is an artist, an admirer, or both. Our mission is to help enhance the lives of those within our community, and to make art exhibitions and art educational programs available to all children, families and adults. Accordingly, the MAC offers a number of ways to enjoy art and to help stimulate those “happy” chemicals in your brain. The following is a list of fun reasons for visiting the Mansfield Art Center!

  1. The awesome galleries and shows
    Our galleries are open from Tuesday through Sunday from 1-5pm, hours that accommodate most schedules, and a good number of exhibits are free, unless you want to make a small donation. We have shown exhibits which have traveled around the world, as well as juried shows, and we like showcasing Ohio artists! Some of the shows are mixed media, while some concentrate on techniques, or are paintings, ceramics, sculptures, etc. There is always much to admire!
  1. The classes and workshops
    Many art educational classes are offered for children and adults, including painting, jewelry making, ceramics, glass fusion, pottery and drawing. Usually these run once a week for an average of 8 weeks and at very affordable prices. The MAC conducts weekly Home School Art classes, sewing and puppetry workshops for children; and for Veterans, we offer a free weekly Expressive Arts Class, facilitated by an art therapist.
  1. The fun events
    We have fun with art. There is a little something for everyone, such as Free Art Saturdays where you can create projects with a variety of different materials. There is Family Art Night, a fun time for the whole family and it’s designed to accommodate a variety of skill levels. Or, you can come and paint with us at any of our semi-weekly Cork & Easel events even if you’ve never painted. Just bring your favorite snack and cold beverage, and plan to meet & make new friends! Also fun is Kids & Canvas, a 1 ½ hour Saturday painting workshop for children.
  1. The beautiful architecture
    The building alone is an awesome work of art and is worth a trip just to admire it. Designed by architect Don Hisaka, its unique design fits well with the landscape and its spacious design is simple, yet elegant.
  1. The peaceful scenic grounds
    The Mansfield Art Center has about eight acres, located off Marion Avenue in Mansfield. The area has plenty of trees and the MAC building is nestled in an opening in the middle of the property. There is ample parking and once there, one seems to almost forget the surrounding city. The grounds are a nice place to stop by and walk around just to enjoy nature.
  1. The gift shop
    The gift shop is filled with original artist works which are sold on consignment. There is everything from beautiful hand-crafted jewelry to ceramic vases to paintings. You will find it a nice place to browse (almost like viewing an exhibit!) and there is something for everyone. It is most definitely a good place to look for that perfect gift.
  1. You can rent space
    You can rent space at the Mansfield Art Center for events such as weddings, birthdays and more. Rented space can accommodate up to 128 guests. We have a kitchen with equipment set up for hosting parties. The location is convenient and the parking lot is big!
  1. You want to volunteer or become a member
    We love our volunteers and our members – they are the people who make the operation of our center possible. There are many benefits to becoming a member or from volunteering at the center. Both are great ways to help our community reach people of all ages and backgrounds appreciate art and learn how art can enrich their lives.

Please stop by and see us; we always have something here for you to do or beautiful art you can admire to help stimulate your happy!



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