Adult Classes

Please Note:  To maximize your scheduled class time, we ask that you Pre-Register & Pre-Pay in one of the following ways:

  • Through our website: You will be re-directed to Eventbrite for a secure credit card check out, or select “Pay by Check.” (Checks must be delivered prior to class.)
  • By Phone with a credit card: 419.756.1700
  • A check by mail to: 700 Marion Ave. Mansfield, OH 44906
  • In person during business hours: 11am-5pm Tuesday – Sunday | Closed Mondays

Instructors are not able to receive payments during class.

Acrylic-Resin-Wood (Multi-Medium) Piece

Sunday | 3pm-6pm

Ages: Adult

Instructor: Pia Douglas

Spring Session: April 26

$50 Members |$60 non-members

The layers of interest in this Resin piece is grabbing and mystical, of sorts. Instructor Pia Douglas will walk you through each step of creating your layers on wood and sealing them with a layer of resin that will live the test of time in your home or on your patio. This workshop is a rarity, and few spots are available. Sign up quickly, please.

Alcohol Ink Glasses

Sunday | 3pm-5pm

Ages: 14+

Instructor: Pia Douglas

Spring Session: May 17

$20 Members |$30 non-members

Alcohol Ink is very beautiful. If you have attended some of our other workshops using this medium, this is the same application process. There are no prerequisites for this class: come and we will teach you everything you need to know. This time we are creating drinking glasses. The price includes two glasses. If you care to make a set of four, just choose the ticket in Event Brite that says “Set of Four” and an additional $10 will be added to your ticket.

Ceramic Wheel Throwing: All Levels | Afternoon

6 – Tuesdays

Ages: 16+

Instructor: Don Snyder

Tuesdays | 3-5pm

Spring Session | March 10- April 14

$125 Members | $145 Non-Members

Supply Fee: $30

In this course, art educator, potter and sculptor, Don Snyder, retired art teacher, will lead you through the basics and beyond.

This course is for the BEGINNER to INTERMEDIATE student. You will learn how to use physics to make centering on the wheel easier, as well as how to keep the rims of your pottery from getting to thin. Explore different designs; explore surface textures as well as different pottery forms.

Ceramic Wheel Throwing: All Levels | Evening

6 – Tuesdays

Ages: 16+

Instructor: Don Snyder

Tuesdays | 6-8 pm

Spring Session | March 10- April 14

$125 Members | $145 Non-Members

Supply Fee: $30

In this course, art educator, potter and sculptor, Don Snyder, retired art teacher, will lead you through the basics.

This course is for the BEGINNER to INTERMEDIATE student. You will learn how to use physics to make centering on the wheel easier, as well as how to keep the rims of your pottery from getting to thin. Explore different designs; explore surface textures as well as different pottery forms.

Ceramic Wheel Throwing Experience

Ages: 6-Adult

Instructor: Debra Weaver

Spring Session

Saturday, March 7 | 10am-4pm based on scheduled tickets

$40 members |$50 non-members

This experience is created to give individuals (of any age or skill) an opportunity to work individually with potter Debra Weaver on wheel-throwing.

If you have always wanted to try throwing and have been reserved from committing to a class, come try this workshop to answer your beginning wheel-throwing questions.

Key information for workshop:

Please be on-time (workshop slots are scheduled back-to-back);

We are process-driven and will teach you technique; this will concentrate less on a final product.

Pick up of final product will be notified approximately three weeks after workshop.

Choose Your Own Adventure: Drawing Edition

Instructor: Emily Negro

4-Wednesdays | 4-6pm

March 18- April 8

Ages: 14-Adult

$90 members | $100 non-members

Description: This drawing course is designed to meet each artist where they are and help them cross the threshold into a higher level of creation. Whether you are a beginner or experienced, interested in realism and portraiture or anime and illustration, every student will find something to love. The goal is to help you make the art you want to make and expand your skill set. Specific subject matter will be designed around student interest but can include lessons in shading, proportion, observation, and more. We will work with pencils, colored pencils, charcoal, and a little bit of watercolor. Everyone is welcome!

Crochet Rug (or Basket)

Saturday | 11am-1pm

Ages: Adults

Instructor: Mary Howell

Spring Session: April 25

$30 Members |$40 non-members

In this workshop, whether a beginner or a savvy crocheter, you will learn the ins and outs of the basic and necessary steps to make consistent pattern of knots. If you have experience or just want to push ahead on a basket instead of a rug-the choice is yours. In this workshop all materials are provided and you are able to take a crochet hook home with you as well as your material, if you by chance are unable to finish the process in the time allotted.


Enamel- Painted Wine Glasses or Bowls

Enamel- Painted Wine Glasses or Bowls

Friday | 6pm-8pm

Ages: 16+

Instructor: Rochelle Brown

Spring Session: March 6

$25 Members |$35 non-members

No previous experience required. You will choose which glasses or Bowls you would like (you may choose 2) and we will walk you through the process of this special painted application process. You may choose to make an additional 2 to have a set of 4 by buying an add-on ticket in Event Brite when registering for an additional $10.

Enameling: Fusing Glass onto Metal

Age: Adult

Instructor: Kristin Ellis

6- Wednesdays | 5:30-8:30

Spring Session: March 25 –April 29

$135 members | $155 non-member

Supply fee: $30

Learn the ancient art of fusing colorful glass onto metal. This class will teach you how to apply layers of glass powders onto pure copper, pure silver, or mild steel. You get to fire your own projects in studio kilns during class. Basic metal-smithing techniques like drilling and sanding will also be covered.

The studio fee includes all supplies, glass and firings. Students provide their own metal, which they can bring to class or purchase from the studio. Projects can be up to 6 inches across and 2 inches deep. Metals must be approved by the instructor.

Floral Hanging Art

Friday | 6pm-8pm

Ages: 14+

Instructor: Rochelle Brown

Spring Session: April 17

$25 Members | $35 non-members

Whether you have a beautiful dining room, bedroom or perhaps a wedding coming up, these elegant Floral Hanging Art pieces are lovely and easy to make with the instruction of Rochelle Brown.

The Fundamentals of Glass Fusing

6 – Tuesdays

Ages: 16+

Instructor: Cherri and Bill Vidonish

Tuesdays | 6-8pm

Spring Session- March 10- April 14

$125 Members | $145 Non-Members

Supply Fee: $30

Cherri and Bill Vidonish of Vidonish Studios will teach glass development skills that include cutting glass, grinding glass, mosaics, fusing and slumping basics.

You will develop several finished projects in this course that you will have the freedom to make color choices, pattern and shape choices and will enjoy the medium of glass as well as your jovial instructor and course mates.


Glass Fusing: Slumping Molds & Furthering Your Techniques

Afternoon Session: 6 Tuesdays | 3-5pm

March 10 – April 14

Evening Session: 6 Thursdays | 6-8pm

 March 12-April 16

Ages: 18+

Instructor: Cherri Vidonish

$135 Members |$155 non-members

Supply fee: $35

This glass fusing class requires some previous experience. Whether you have taken a class at another Fine Arts establishment, development on your own or one of our classes, we would love to have you join us. Some glass cutting experience is required. Cheri Vidonish, of Vidonish Studios and Glass Shop will walk you through new methods and techniques and pique your interest with new glass opportunities. Join us.

Henna Tattooing Workshop

Saturday | 6pm-8pm

Ages: 14+ (Parent’s Permission Necessary)

Instructor: Rochelle Brown

Spring Session: May 2

$30 Members | $35 non-members

This temporary Tattooing-Henna Art is waiting for your arm and hand or even your foot. We will have many patterns and templates available to choose from, or you are welcome to bring your own. Instructor Rochelle Brown will walk you through the entire process of applying your own Henna Ink. Please be advised that Henna Tattoos can last up to 3 weeks.

Hoops: Silk Painting

Instructor: Pia Douglas

6 Sundays-12:30 pm -230 pm

Ages: 5+

Spring Session: March 8-April 12

$120.00/members| $140.00 non-members

$25/supply fee

Silk Painting is an old Asian art form….Painting on silk happened long before painting on canvas and paper. Silk paintings are created on white silk, the dyes (gutta) are painted onto the stretched surface of the silk using a paintbrush. The dye flows into the fiber, bond with the proteins and become part of the threads. This painting is different from acrylic, oil or even watercolors that all sit on the surface. These paintings are steamed- set locking the dyes into the fibers and making.

Each week we will create a different design and you will be able to complete your hoop in one day and start another the following class. Come join us for this relaxing, lovely class.

Jewelry Making: Surface Embellishment of Metals

Instructor: Kristin Ellis

6-Wednesdays- 200pm-430pm

Age: Adult

Spring Session: March 25-April 29

$120.00/members| $140.00 non-members

$25/supply fee

This jewelry making class will focus on decorative surface treatment of metals. We’ll begin with texturing techniques, then move on to the basics of sanding and polishing. Finally, we will cover basic chemical patinas to add some color to brass, copper, and silver metals. Open to all skill levels, projects will be suggested for beginners, while advanced students may work on their own independent projects. The studio fee will cover all brass, copper, patinas, and other supplies. Silver must be purchased separately.

The Making of Kombucha Tea

Instructor: Sarah McCann

Sat. | March 14

1 PM – 2:30 PM

$20 members | $30 non-members


Artist and instructor Sarah McCann will walk you through the process of making your own Kombucha. It is a fermented tea that has been consumed for thousands of years. Not only does it have the same health benefits as tea — it’s also rich in beneficial probiotics (B12 and B6), based on scientific evidence.

All materials are supplied and each participant will make two jars of Kombucha. We will walk you through the entire process until completion.

Pallet Knife Painting

Saturday | 11am – 1pm

Ages: 14+

Instructor: Robin Shoup Wilson

Spring Session: April 18

$35 Members |$40 non-members

Using just a palette knife, create a beautiful floral art piece! Work with acrylic paint in a new way. Robin will walk you through step by step how to create a fun and vibrant palette knife art piece!

Pet Portrait: 2-Saturday Watercolor Workshop

March 14 and March 21 | 11 AM- 1 PM

Adult Workshops

Instructor: Robin Shoup- Wilson

$45 Members | $55 Non-members

Join artist Robin Shoup-Wilson in this fun watercolor class where you will learn to paint your beloved furbaby or your favorite animal!

Bring a printed color photograph with you to class and Robin will walk you through the process, step-by-step, in creating your very own PET PORTRAIT.

Pyrography (woodburning) 101: Pop Culture Plaque

Saturday | 130pm-330pm

Ages: Adult

Instructor: Kodi Baughman

Spring Session: March 28

$40 Members |$50 non-members

For this workshop we will be making plaques with your favorite pop culture silhouette images! Making this will teach you all the very basics of the art of woodburning. You will learn how to prep the wood and add a design, then you will learn how to use a woodburner, and the techniques for burning your design onto the prepared wood. When everything is finished you will have your first ever pyrography art to show off; and perhaps a new hobby!

Pysanky Eggs

Pysanky Eggs

Spring Session

Instructor: Debra Weaver

March 20

6 PM – 8 PM

$25 members | $30 non-members


A PYSANKY is a Ukrainian Easter egg decorated with folk designs. Come join us for this detailed and extraordinary art form.This art form will include instruction at every step as you blow the yolk out your egg, apply wax resist with a KISTKA and learn to dye your egg to reserve the colors from light to dark. This folk art form is from the pre-christian era and still exists today because of its remarkable process and beauty.

Sculpture: Clay and Beyond

Instructor: Victoria Hoefler

Ages: 14-Adult

Spring Session

6-Thursdays | 530pm-730pm

March 12- April 16

$100 members | $115 non-members

$20 Supply fee

This class explores the Art of Sculpture outside the boundaries of natural clay. We will examine a variety

of types of sculpture: including assemblage (starting flat and moving to 3Dimentional), bas relief (Clay on Canvas), papier mache (paste and hardening of paper), and carving of wax. We will experiment with techniques in each of these sculptural mediums.

Spring Terra-Cotta Fun

Sunday | 330pm-5pm

Ages: 5+

Instructor: Pia Douglas

Spring Session: March 15

$25 Members |$30 non-members

Get ahead of spring and put a little humor in your home. Choose to paint a happy mum, a cute little girl or a one tooth B-boy on your Terra cotta pot. Let your imagination create their wardrobe and the fun begins. Acrylic paint is the medium, easy creation, definitely a family time!

Slate Hydrangeas Acrylic Painting


Sunday, February 16 | 330pm-530pm

$25 members | $30 non-members

Ages: 14+

Instructor: Pia Douglas

Come walk through this process of painting Hydrangeas with patient and talented instructor Pia Douglas. You will be able to create your very own version of this beautiful painting on rustic slate!

Wire Wrapped and Beaded Bracelet: 2-Day Workshop

2-Sundays | 11am – 3pm

Ages: 16+

Instructor: Pia Douglas

Spring Session: April 26 and May 3

$60 Members | $75 non-members

Come Join Pia Douglas for this exquisite bracelet-making workshop. She will teach you to how to create your very own beautiful piece of wearable art. These two Sundays combined will allow you to acquire or improve your wire wrapping skills and have an exquisite piece for a lifetime to come.

Zen Night Light

Winter Workshop Instructor: Victoria Hoefler

Age:16+ 1:00-3:00 PM

February 15 & 22 | Saturday | $35 Members | $45-Non-Members

Relax in a meditative space by creating a stained glass and wood lamp. We provide everything you need for this beautiful lamp. Can be made to match your home decor.

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