Virgil Villers “Retro”

Foundation Gallery | October 3 – October 31

Artists’ Reception | Saturday, October 16 | 5-7pm

Virgil Villers is a Norton, Ohio artist who holds a Master of Fine Arts in Sculpture. Characterized by elongated shapes, Virgil Villers’ sculptures often features playful figures of both human and animal form caught in an interplay of whimsy and allegory. Concern for the environment and the balancing act between man and nature is a reoccurring theme.

Villers has works throughout the United States, but local highlights include his nature inspired sculptures at Kingwood Center Gardens, and his dancing animal sculpture at Akron Children’s Hospital.

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Gibby Kain | Homecoming

Reach Gallery | September 18 – November 16

Homecoming is a limited series inspired by the show Twin Peaks. In this series, the artist uses nostalgia to entertain. Like the comfort of a worn blanket, this series envelopes the viewer with indulgent reverie. But such as it is with memories, what we recall can be both positive, as well as unsettling. Because it’s true what they say, you can never go home.

Gibby Kain is a local artist who specializes in graphite and charcoal. She received a Bachelors in Fine Arts in 2014, and spent time living in Los Angeles honing her craft. She returned to Mansfield in late 2020 with the intent to reconnect with her roots in the local art community. Her subject matter includes horrifying monsters, and often gruesome references to pop culture. You can find her actively posting on her Instagram @gibbykain as The Mother Of Monsters.

She is currently working on her tattoo apprenticeship at Folklore Tattoo Company, and hopes to be taking appointments some time later this year.

Instagram- @gibbykain


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