Reach Gallery | Braxton C. Daniels III | Atypical | February 6 – March 20

Braxton C. Daniels III is the first artist to have an exhibition in the Mansfield Art Center’s new small space gallery on the foundation floor, known as the Reach Gallery.  His solo exhibition is entitled “Atypical”.  As Braxton explains, “The photographs are not typical, but irregular in relation to my work.”  Daniels goes on to say that these photographs are his true form of expression, the type of work that is not typically seen by others. “These works are expressions of thoughts, feelings and emotions, still me, but the other side–the side I keep hidden from the public.”  In this intriguing exhibition Braxton is drawn to the dark and misunderstood.  “We have this side that no one knows.  The side of us that we hold sacred to ourselves.”  Braxton continues with “how well do you know someone? Do you really know your spouse, best friend, relatives, your children?  If you know me, what side did you get to know?”   He advises us to not be afraid to visit that side of you that makes you who you are.  As for Braxton, “There is a place I go to where no one knows me.  It’s a place I made up to find out what I’m made of.  The nights I stayed up, counting stars and fighting sleep…….”

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