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Beginners Glass Blowing

with Noah Schenk

Next session: October 1st to November 1st, 2020

$425 More Info

6 classes

Thurday’s | October 1 - Nov. 5

 |-October 1-8-15-22 | November 5

6pm -9pm

Instructor: Noah  Schenk

$385 members | $425 non-members

 Maximum : 3 Students per class

The Mansfield Art Center offers a rare opportunity of glass blowing classes.Under the masterful guidance of the instructor, Noah, in this course students will learn the fundamentals of glass blowing. How to operate safely in the hot shop. How to gather, handle and shape 2000 F glass into a variety of solid and blown forms. As well as the art, science and history of this medium. This class will be limited to 3 students per session. While in class, students will learn how to assist and be a lead glassblower. 

Mansfield Art Center takes sanitation seriously at all times. For your protection and other’s, we kindly ask you to respect social distancing and to wear a mask for the duration of the class. Precaution is taken so you do not have to use your mouth to inflate your glass creation.


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A Taste of Glass

with Noah Schenk

Next session: October 3rd, 2020

$45 More Info

 The Mansfield Art Center is proud to welcome Noah Schenk. Noah, a master of fine art, is a glass blower and has kindly accepted to bring and teach glassblowing to our community.  

Observing  glass transformation from solid to molten to a beautifully shaped vessel with swirls, and brilliant colors is fascinating to say the least. Now you have an opportunity to learn more about  glass blowing and try yourself .  

In this unique introductory workshop Noah  gives a taste of glass blowing, more in depth, beginner classes will follow in the coming months.

 In our taste of glass class, guests will be able to have a short experience with glassblowing. Creating an object with the help of the staff at the Mansfield Art Center. The guests will start their experience by learning basic hot shop safety, followed by a discussion of the colors and basic shape they hope to achieve in their glass piece. Next the guest and staff will work together to complete their glass creation. Depending on the object selected a Taste of Glass will take between 15 and 30 minutes. Please remember that a maximum of 3 people are allowed in the hot zone.


Available objects to create


$45 - Flower, Holiday Ornament or Paperweight 

$60 - Pumpkin 

$70 - Drinking glass, small vase, small bowl or small bottle 

$85- Mug with handle

$95- Medium vase, medium bowl or medium bottle 


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