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Fine Art silk painting ” Serti Technique”

with Pia Douglas

Next session: October 29th to November 12th, 2020

$75 More Info

  Thursday’s | October 29, 2020

  3 classes | October 29, November 5, November 12 


  Instructor: Pia Douglas

  Age: 16+ 

 $70 members | $75 non-Members

Silk painting refers to the practice of applying paints or dyes to silk textiles. 

Silk is a fine fiber made from the filaments of silkworm cocoons. When boiled and gently unwound, these pupal casings produce silk strands that can be combined into threads, which, in turn, can be used to make textiles.

Painting on silk is soothing and extraordinarily pleasing to watch. It is simply exquisite! This class is designed for beginners to learn the basics of silk painting. The method we will be using in this class is the “Serti” method which encapsulates the dye within a certain area of the design so the color stays in place. Other methods will be taught during the year such as batik and watercolor on silk. You will have the opportunity to either wear it as a scarf or mount it on a 35 by 35 canvas. This will be discussed at the beginning of the class.

 For the safety of everyone we recommend social distancing and masks are required. Due to covid-19 we can only accommodate a maximum of 10 people for the class, so register soon!

A waiting list will be available.

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