Cork and Easel

Cork & Easel

Never held a paint brush before? No problem! No experience is necessary. Our instructor will guide you through the painting from start to finish and you will take home a painting ready to hang on your wall! Painting supplies provided.  Just bring your favorite snack and  beverage!

Ceramics for Kids (Spring Session)

Drawing and Doodles.

Ages: 7-14

Instructor: Deb Weaver

Tuesdays, 4:30am-6:00pm
Winter II Session- March 19-April 23
Spring Session – May 14 – June 19
$85 Members | $110 Non-members

Firing Fee: $25 | Min.
Registration: 4

We are working on layering and sculpting this session! In this session we will be making functional work that we will be adding just as much as we will be taking away. Prepare to go bigger then before, more decorative then before, and more imaginative then before!

Summer Camp-Art from the Heart, Indoors & Out

Art from the Heart Indoors & Out

Ages: 7-14

Instructor: Fred Del Guidice
Date: June 10-June 14 | 9am-12pm
$125/Child | Supply Fee: $10
Min Registration: 5

Breaking out of the studio and moving out into seeing what the world has to offer this camp, this camp will be inspiring to all! This will be a mixed media drawing & painting class featuring subject matters both inside and outside depending on the weather.

Summer Camp- Printmaking

Printmaking Camp

Ages: 7-14

Instructor: Jessica Pundole
Date: June 24-28 | 9am-12pm
$125/Child | Supply Fee: $10 
Min Registration: 5

This fun interactive printmaking camp allows kids to explore the basic foundations of printmaking through creating their own stamps, exploring color layering, and finishing off with their own t-shirt design, and other works.

Summer Camp-Sculpture

Sculpture Camp

Ages: 7-14

Instructor: Steph Uhde
Date: July 8-12 | 9am-12pm
$125/Child | Supply Fee: $20 
Min Registration: 5

Clay, papier mache, recyclable materials, wood… what else could you ask for in order to make a fun sculpture camp? Kid’s will be working in multi- facited mediums to create fun 3-D works of art!

The 74 Annual May Show

May 4 – June 2

Creativity is in full bloom at the Mansfield Art Center’s 74 th May Show. The juried art showfeatures the works of 119 artists from all over the state of Ohio. “This year, the Mansfield Art Center received entries from many new artists in addition to artists that have previously exhibited”, according toExecutive Director, George Whitten. The exhibition runs through June 2 and is free and open to the public thanks to the sponsorship of Mechanics Bank.

This year, the juror for the show was Kevin D. Buckland, a renowned Ohio watercolor artist. Over 450 works were submitted for Mr. Buckland to judge. “I would like to congratulate all winning artists and everyone who entered the competition,” Bucklandsaid. “All your hard work and efforts resulted in an awe-inspiring show.”

He selected Hiroshi Hayakawa’s pastel on paper entitled “Vanitas 14” as Best of Show, praising the piecefor its wow factor.“His eye-catching composition has a very strong lead-in element,” Buckland said. “A simple white triangle, followed by subtle and methodical layering of color, all combine to demand attention.” As Best of Show recipient, Hayakawa received $1,000.

The show’s sponsor, Mechanics Bank, provided four Awards of Excellence. Each artist will receive $250. The 2019 winners of the Mechanics Bank Awards of Excellence include Charles W. Rowland (watercolor) “Abandoned at Alum Creek,” Harry Melroy (oil on wood) “Slow Moving Cold Front,” Carol Adams (enamel on steel and LED) “Light-Wall: Awakening,” and Peggy Stover (watercolor) “White Iris.”

Buckland commented on two of the pieces:

“I enjoyed the realistic Iris painting by Peggy Stover,” he said. “The vivid color, dimensional form and contrasting values came together for a beautiful painting. Harry Melroy’s ‘Slow Moving’ sculpture is an impressive piece of woodcarving. You can feel the tension between the locomotive and the elephant. The carving’s whimsical style and contrasting color have created a witty piece of art. Very well done.”

Chris Misencik-Bunn’s watercolor “I Know What You Are Thinking” won the Margaret Twitchell Swank Painting Award, for which she received $250. “Chris Misencik-Bunn has captured the beauty of a rainy day,” Buckland commented. “If you’re the kind of a person that loves a rainy day, you’ll love this painting. There’s a nice rhythm between the figure and the background. This painting is executed beautifully.”

Addtional Award Winners:

• Sid Yellen Photography Award, $250 — Julie Jones “The Ultimate Sacrifice” — B&W photograph

• Susan B. Smith Fiber Award, $250 — MP Marion “After the Storm” — handmade paper diptych

• Whitten Studios Ceramic Award, $250 — T.R. Steiner “Terrestrial Fragments” — soda-fired stoneware

• Three Blick Art Material Innovation Awards, $100 gift certificates for each:
#1 Robyn Schaffer “Faces” — ink, paper, cork, and foam
#2 Aaron Rebel “Steam Engine” — metal
#3 Dan McDonald “Collaborative Calamity: Naramja is not the new orange” — steel, bronze, and faux fur

• Four Honorable Mentions at the Juror’s Discretion
#1 Whit Martin “Simone #2” — inkjet photograph
#2 Franklin Miller “Insect Armor” — reed sculpture
#3 Olivia Huth “Professional Shirt Laundry” — oil on canvas
#4 Rebecca Kaler “Obscurity Series – MULTI” — gouache

Sponsored by: 

Art Journaling for Female Veterans and Service Members

1-Day Workshop
Facilitated by Cheryl Pete, ATR
Mondays, 6:00-8:00 | March 4th & 11th
Min Registration: 4

This workshop is an introduction to art journaling for female veterans. Facilitated by an art therapist, this workshop will take a trauma informed approach to using art journaling as a means of storytelling, self-expression and self-exploration.

Veterans Expressive Arts Class (Spring Session)

Mondays | 6-8pm

Spring Session – May 13 – June 18
Facilitated by Cheryl Pete, ATR

This class is an exploration of art for self-expression. Unlike a typical art class, this class is facilitated by an art therapist and offers participants the opportunity to use art for storytelling, emotional expression, stress relief and increasing self-confidence.

Fanciful Flower Stakes

1-Day Workshop
Instructor: Bea North
Saturday, 6-8:00pm | March 16 
Age: 18+
$40/Person | Min Registration: 5

Get a jump start on your garden with these colorful glass flower stakes. Students will learn to cut and assemble petal shapes to create a real or not-so-real looking flower. These will be added to a clear glass stake, adorned with some life-like leaves. After fusing, place them in your garden for some early color!

Mansfield Art Center

Mansfield Art Center
700 Marion Avenue
Mansfield, Ohio 44906

Tuesday - Sunday 11am - 5pm

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