Cork and Easel

Cork & Easel

Never held a paint brush before? No problem! No experience is necessary. Our instructor will guide you through the painting from start to finish and you will take home a painting ready to hang on your wall! Painting supplies provided.  Just bring your favorite snack and  beverage!

The 42 Annual Ohio Watercolor Society 

Watercolor Ohio 2019

September 28 – October 27 

Opening Reception: Saturday, September 28 | 1-4pm

The Mansfield Art Center is delighted to host the Ohio Watercolor Society’s 42nd juried exhibition featuring 80 paintings by Ohio artists.

The legacy of the Ohio Watercolor Society continues with this exquisite exhibition. There is a fantastic mix of the traditional transparency and contemporary spontaneity that celebrates the confidence and passion of each artist’s personal approach to the water medium.

I salute the OWS artists, board members, volunteers and visitors for their dedication in making “Watercolor Ohio 2019” possible and a magnificent success.

Congratulations to the artists & award winners who were selected to exhibit.

– George Whitten, Executive Director


Featured Image:

Gold Medal Winner: Christine Misencik-Bunn

I Know What You Are Thinking

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After school Digital Coding and Art Program

Tuesdays | 3-5pm

Instructor: Jerry Francl, Sr.

$10.00 per student | Sign up by month at a time

School-age students

Our Art Center is committed to teaching school age students how Science, Technology and Math intertwine to make art. Come join our Digital Art program and expand skills in art concepts such as form, building, coding, design and use of color.

Alcohol Ink Pottery

Family Friendly-ages 3-adult

Instructor: Pia Douglas

October 27 | 3-430pm

Alcohol Ink Pottery is absolutely beautiful. This forgiving method is applied to bisqueware and the magic and interlooping of dyes begin. Whether a keepsake, a gift for someone or just enjoying the process-you will most certainly enjoy.

An Evening Beading

Ages: 15+

Instructor: Kristin Ellis

Friday, October 18 | 6-8pm

$30.00/ members | $35.00 non-members

Unwind with an evening of beading at the Mansfield Art Center. Bring your own refreshments and enjoy yourself with us. All the pretty beads and supplies are included to make a necklace, bracelet, or earrings. Open to all levels from beginning to advanced.

Family Painting: Let’s Create Together!

Sunday, November 10 | 3-5pm

Family Friendly

Instructor: Pia Douglas

$20.00/ per family member

You will be creating this painting TOGETHER!

This multiple canvas family painting is both an experience in art and a product that will be special to your family (or friend) for years to come. You will have several choices of content(to pick one that fits with your family interest)as well as an instructor that will teach and guide you patiently as you create. You will leave an accomplished painter

Family Silk Painting Workshop

Ages: 3-adult

Instructor: Pia Douglas

Sunday Oct. 13 | 3-5 pm

$20 members |$25 non-members

This family friendly silk painting workshop is meant for both the most basic to the most developed of painters. Using silk and dyes, our instructor will lead you to a beautifully finished product that you are proud of.

Silk Painting is an old Asian art form….Painting on silk happened long before painting on canvas and paper. Silk paintings are created on white silk, the dyes are painted onto the stretched surface of the silk using a paintbrush. The dye flows into the fiber, bond with the proteins and become part of the threads. This painting is different from acrylic, oil or even watercolors that all sit on the surface. These paintings are steamed- set locking the dyes into the fibers and making.

Prior to the workshop, the instructor will prepare the chosen outline of your choice. The choices are sun, moon,cat, dog, lily, iris, tree, cross, abstract lines, fish, basketball, football, baseball, pumpkin. Please list your choice in the space below as you register.

Halloween Scratch Coding

Ages: 8-14

Instructor: Jerry Francl, Sr

Oct. 12 | 10am-12pm

Come join us for a Halloween coding experience. Your youngsters will create and design halloween characters and monsters while learning the basics of coding. This digital, basic art design workshop will develop skills that are applicable to most digital art and will allow for your child to have fun as well as an advantage in their computer and building skills. Come join us-guaranteed to be enjoyed!

Harry Potter Potions

Ages: 6-14

Instructor: Emily Negro

Saturday, November 9 |10-12 pm

No matter which Hogwarts house you belong to, Potions Class is a fun time for all! Create potions such as Amortentia, Felix Felicis, and Polyjuice Potion, and brew up your own creations too!

Learn some basics while making your labels about calligraphy, color theory, and the science behind combining different liquids as you make some magic of your own!

Anime-Manga Mania (Workshop)

Friday September 20 | 6-7:30pm

Instructor: Emily Negro

Fee: $15 members | $20 non-members (ages 8-14)

In this workshop, students will discover different methods of Japanese illustration using the appropriate tools in order to create their very own Manga or Anime character! Whether you like to draw in Naoko Takeuchi’s style, Matsuri Hino’s style, Hajime Isayama’s style, or one of your own, this workshop will help you to improve your artistic skills and get you started towards creating your own anime world!

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