Ages: 3-adult

Instructor: Pia Douglas

Sunday Oct. 13 | 3-5 pm

$20 members |$25 non-members

This family friendly silk painting workshop is meant for both the most basic to the most developed of painters. Using silk and dyes, our instructor will lead you to a beautifully finished product that you are proud of.

Silk Painting is an old Asian art form….Painting on silk happened long before painting on canvas and paper. Silk paintings are created on white silk, the dyes are painted onto the stretched surface of the silk using a paintbrush. The dye flows into the fiber, bond with the proteins and become part of the threads. This painting is different from acrylic, oil or even watercolors that all sit on the surface. These paintings are steamed- set locking the dyes into the fibers and making.

Prior to the workshop, the instructor will prepare the chosen outline of your choice. The choices are sun, moon,cat, dog, lily, iris, tree, cross, abstract lines, fish, basketball, football, baseball, pumpkin. Please list your choice in the space below as you register.

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