People everywhere talk about “Going Green.” It’s an expression they use to indicate they’re doing things to help conserve energy, whether it’s riding a bike to work, turning down a thermostat, or eating organic food. Every effort that is made to reduce our carbon footprint, no matter how small or infrequent, is one more step towards helping our planet. Many corporations and organizations are also making conscious energy saving decisions. By finding ways to help conserve natural resources and reduce pollution, all of us together can make a difference.

As an effort to work towards this end, the Mansfield Art Center 2017 Summer Course brochure has been combined with our newsletter; thus, less paper was needed to produce. This was done as part of a decision to try and reduce our carbon footprint and to help take part in energy conservation efforts. Also, we are currently considering an online-only course catalog, eliminating the unnecessary use of paper. We’d like to hear how you feel about an online only course catalog, and with enough support we plan to put this into action with our fall class schedule.

As a reminder, we are now registering for Summer classes which start June 12th. Our class course information is always available on our website; feel free to check out our current class schedule, and get accustomed to browsing the catalog. Navigate from the Tabs bar at the top of this webpage. Under “Education” find our adult classes, youth classes, youth camps, and workshops; and, under “Events” find our special programs such as Cork & Easel, Kids & Canvas, Family Art Night, and Free Art Saturdays.

Registering online has never been easier and there is no additional fee to do so. We hope this is encouragement for using our website. We appreciate the support in helping us to transition to an online only course catalog. It is possible to make a difference and become more environmentally mindful. Please contact our Director, George Whitten, by email at with any suggestions or comments. We welcome your input!

Thank you.