In Between Everywhere is an exhibition designed to highlight and showcase the works of 42 central Ohio artists. These artists produce artwork in a variety of mediums and styles chosen for consistency of vision and quality of work.


Daniel Ferlan | 20 Years

This exhibition presents the most comprehensive overview of Daniel Ferlan’s career to date. Showcasing artwork from 1999 to present, it comprises 75+ pieces specifically choreographed into eras of his work. This visual timeline can be compared to a gigantic story book that enchants and immerses the viewer into Ferlan’s reinvented folklore-like tales. This mass display of work comprises an implosion of bold-lined, textured paintings to an appealing contrast of newer works that entail intricate, miniature characters placed strategically in Dutch-like landscapes. Hauntingly beautiful creatures, blooming lands of color, and personal symbolic relics all loosely imply various art historical references, naturally formed within the artist’s psyche. Despite Ferlan’s work being highly introspective, the works are still able to be digested by any spectator, no matter what filter is applied.

The 75 Annual May Show

The 75th Annual May Show, is a jurried exhibition showcasing the talent of Ohio artists in a variety of media.  Guest Juror, Dr. Andy Hudson, is a retired OSU medical educator, an established artist/maker, glass blower, and a renowned art collector. He selected 121 pieces from 76 artists to form this striking exhibition.

The Best of Show award was given to artist Randy Bennett of Rudolph, Ohio for his body of work, consisting of four mixed media pieces. The show’s sponsor, Mechanics Bank , provided Awards of Excellence to Ron Abrams, Martha Fort, Chris Misencik-Bunn and Laura Barhardt Corle. Sarah Torgison received the Whitten Studio Award for Ceramics. Cathy Huber received the Sid Yellen Award for Photography. The Margaret Twitchell Swank Award for Painting was received by Judith Smith Miller. Susan B. Smith Award for Fiber was received by Barbara Nell Morejon. Three Blick Art Material Awards for Innovation were received by MP Marion, Steven Stemple and Janet L. Marsano. Honorable Mentions were awarded to Peggy Stover, George Whitten, Susan Shafer, Robin Roberts, Mary Holobaugh and Benjamin Johnson.