Did you know that you can vote for your top choices of art pieces currently on display at the Mansfield Art Center? The 2017 Annual Regional High School Exhibition is underway and displays through April 16. This exhibit showcases the best of the region’s art created by students from area high schools. By visiting the center during the exhibition, you may cast votes for the pieces you most admire. The People’s Choice Award will then be determined by your votes, collectively, and the top young artists whose art is chosen shall be awarded prizes.

How It Works
The voting is done on an iPad, located at a kiosk in the Upper Main Gallery at the exhibition, or you can vote from your cell phone while you are at the MAC. Each voter is granted five votes and each vote counts for one art piece. In addition, voters can choose to complete a brief survey, which earns them one more vote and an entry into a random drawing for prizes. Prior to visiting the Mansfield Art Center, patrons who wish to vote must first download a voting app to their mobile cell phone.

Get the App
This app is available for free from the Apple Store through iTunes for your iPhone or iPad, or Google Play Store for android users. Once you are at the store’s site, in the search box, type Mansfield Art Center and click on the app from the results. With the app on your device, you can scroll through and view each art piece in the exhibition. Later, when visiting the exhibition at the Mansfield Art Center, your location is geotagged by the app, making it possible for you to vote.

People’s Choice Award Prizes
The People’s Choice Award prizes are a nice bonus for the hard work and effort the students put into their art. It’s a nice way for these up-and-coming young artists to receive feedback on their art. The first prize will be an award of $200. The second award is a free art class at the Mansfield Art Center, the third is a $50 gift certificate for art supplies, and the fourth is a $25 gift certificate from our Gallery Shop.

Voter Random Drawing Prizes
For all that vote, there is motivation to complete the survey and earn a sixth vote. For doing so, you will be entered in a drawing, to be chosen at random, and, yes there are prizes involved! The first drawn prize winner gets $100, the second will receive a Family Membership Certificate to the Mansfield Art Center, and the third winner will get a $50 gift certificate to our Gallery Shop.

We would love for you to visit and enjoy this exhibition. We hope you have fun voting for your favorite choices and comments are encouraged as we welcome your feedback!