Homeschool Program:

Our goal is to increase participant access and develop a conscious awareness to art concepts as it relates to Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math. The complexity of every project/lesson is geared to the developmental and academic level of the individual.  Four Disciplines studied in DBAE lessons: Art Histroy, Art Criticism, Aesthetics, and Art production.  All targeted vocabulary and S.T.E.A.M. concepts are aligned with the Ohio Department of Education. 

It is critical to register your child’s chronological age and the academic level that you believe your child is working at in order for our teaching staff to be fully prepared to challenge your child where they are at in their learning process.  All school-age students are welcome. 

Classes are each week through the traditional school year-Wednesday’s 10am-11:30am

Pricing-$10/per student; sign up for 4 consecutive weeks at a time.

Now Registering:

November, 2019: Hand lettering, Calligraphy, and more!

Instructors: Erin Duffy | Emily Negro | Debra Weaver

Wednesdays | 10am-11:30am

$10 per student per session | $30 due at sign up | Class will not meet the week of Thanksgiving.


Schedule of Study:

September, 2019: Painting 

October, 2019: Printmaking

November, 2019: Hand Lettering / Caligraphy

December, 2019: Crafts / Oragami / Cut Paper / “Maker”

January, 2020: Drawing

February, 2020: Sculpture / Ceramics

March, 2020: Photography / Film / Video

April, 2020:  Architecture / Design

May, 2020: Overview – Open Projects 4 Portfolios

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