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Please Note:  To maximize your scheduled class time, we ask that you Pre-Register & Pre-Pay in one of the following ways:

  • Through our website: You will be re-directed to Eventbrite for a secure credit card check out, or select “Pay by Check.” (Checks must be delivered prior to class.)
  • By Phone with a credit card: 419.756.1700
  • A check by mail to: 700 Marion Ave. Mansfield, OH 44906
  • In person during business hours: 11am-5pm Tuesday – Sunday | Closed Mondays

Instructors are not able to receive payments during class.

The Art of Scientific Exploration

Instructor: Emily Negro

4-Thursdays / March 12, 19, 26 & April 2

4 PM-5:30 PM

Age of Students: 6-12

In this class, the arts and sciences collide as students explore pendulum painting, acrylic pouring, crystal growing, prism art and much, much more! This is a course that is first and foremost a ton of fun, but based around multiple artistic mediums and scientific processes. If your youngster has a curious mind and a love for all things art, this course is specifically designed to escalate that eagerness to actively learn in a lighthearted and enjoyable manner. All young scientists are welcome!

Ceramic Dog and Cat Sculptures

​Sunday | 3pm-5pm

Ages: 4+

Instructor: Pia Douglas

Spring Session: May 3

$25 Members |$30 non-members

Calling all dog and cat fans. You may make one dog or two; two cats or one of each. Join this family friendly animal-loving event.

Ceramic Frog Face: Wall Hanging

Friday | 530pm-700pm

Ages: Ages 4+

Instructor: Rochelle Brown

Spring Session: April 3

$10 Members |$15 non-members

This inexpensive ceramic workshop is great for your littles and those who are in need of a Frog Face. From learning how to make a pinch pot, to scoring and slipping…Only a handful of steps and you’ll be busy choosing colors to glaze your cute frog. All ceramics will be ready for pick up within a 2-3-week period after firing. You will be notified by email to come pick up your child’s masterpiece.

Ceramic Wheel Throwing Experience

Ages: 6-Adult

Instructor: Debra Weaver

Spring Session

Saturday, March 7 | 10am-4pm based on scheduled tickets

$40 members |$50 non-members

This experience is created to give individuals (of any age or skill) an opportunity to work individually with potter Debra Weaver on wheel-throwing.

If you have always wanted to try throwing and have been reserved from committing to a class, come try this workshop to answer your beginning wheel-throwing questions.

Key information for workshop:

Please be on-time (workshop slots are scheduled back-to-back);

We are process-driven and will teach you technique; this will concentrate less on a final product.

Pick up of final product will be notified approximately three weeks after workshop.

Contemporary Ceramic Dish

Sunday | 1pm-3pm

Ages: 12+

Instructor: Rochelle Brown

Spring Session: March 22

$30 Members |$35 non-members

This colorful geometric Contemporary Dish is made from a clay slab manipulated with hand-building skills with interesting detail work. Come join us in the building and the choice of some unique, new and interesting glazes.

This dish will be food safe or can be used for a coffee table or just odds-and-ends. All ceramics will be fired and participants will be contacted in approximately 2-3 weeks for pick-up of their art work.

Digital Coding for Kids Program

Tuesdays | 3-5pm | Come when your school lets out, you wont be late

Instructor: Jerry Francl, Sr.

$10.00 per student | Sign up one month at a time | March 3, 10, 17, 24, 31

School-age students

Our Art Center is committed to teaching school age students how Science, Technology and Math intertwine to make art. Come join our Digital and Kinetic Art Program and expand your skills in function and art concepts such as form, building, coding, design and use of color. Learning to CODE is the name of the game….

Father’s Day (and, VIP: Very Important Person) Picture Frame

​Sunday | 330pm-5pm

Ages: 4+

Instructor: Pia Douglas

Spring Session: May 24

$20 Members |$25 non-members

This bright air dry ceramic frame is created and embellished with dad’s favorite things. Shirts come and go, but a handmade gift will be treasured forever. These frames will be ready to go home the same day as the workshop.

Harry Potter Series: The Art of Herbology

Ages: 10-Adult

Instructor: Emily Negro

Saturday, February 29 | 10am-12:30pm

$25 members | $35 Non-members

Inspired by JK Rowling’s Wizarding World, Herbology is a course in which all witches and wizards are invited to create the intriguing and dangerous Mandrake Root! Students will get the opportunity to work with polymer clay and sculpt creatures with major personality! Don’t forget your earmuffs!

Harry Potter Series: The Care of Magical Creatures

10:00 AM – 12:30 PM
February 15
Ages: 10 – Adult
$25 members | $35 non-member

As Hagrid has shown Hogwarts students time and time again, all magical creatures from small to scary are precious! Come to Care of Magical Creatures and sculpt the legendary beasts that we’ve all grown to love! Inspired by JK Rowling’s Wizarding World, all witches and wizards are welcome to join in the magic!

Harry Potter Series: Hedwig Owl Plaster of Paris Sculpture: 2-Day Workshop

April 4 & April 11 | 10am-12pm

Instructor: Emily Negro and Rochelle Brown

Ages: 8-Adult

$40 members | $50 non-members

This Harry Potter inspired 2-Saturdays workshop will entail a two stage plaster-of-paris sculpture of Hedwig (Harry Potter’s Owl)

The first workshop day we will build the structure to our 10” Hedwig and cover with plaster-of-paris putting all Hedwig’s charming body parts in place from his whimsical face to his wings and tail feathers.

On our second workshop day (April 11)we will paint and finish our owl to pull out all his charming details to have a household pet offering wisdom to the keeper, just like he does Harry Potter.

So much fun and creativity to be had… Come join this one time offering….


Heart String Art Sculpture

Sunday | 3pm-5pm

Ages: 6+

Instructor: Pia Douglas

Spring Session: May 10

$30 Members | $35 non-members

String Art is age-forgiving, but a wee-bit time consuming; All worth it. Join us for this workshop with your youngster or perhaps for your youngster. You are welcome to come as an assist to your child-the price is by piece. Pia Douglas will lead you through the process and I am sure enjoyment will be had as this is a fun practice. Please indicate if you are an adult or a child when registering.

Hoops: Silk Painting

Instructor: Pia Douglas

6 Sundays-12:30 pm -230 pm

Ages: 5+

Spring Session: March 8-April 12

$120.00/members| $140.00 non-members

$25/supply fee

Silk Painting is an old Asian art form….Painting on silk happened long before painting on canvas and paper. Silk paintings are created on white silk, the dyes (gutta) are painted onto the stretched surface of the silk using a paintbrush. The dye flows into the fiber, bond with the proteins and become part of the threads. This painting is different from acrylic, oil or even watercolors that all sit on the surface. These paintings are steamed- set locking the dyes into the fibers and making.

Each week we will create a different design and you will be able to complete your hoop in one day and start another the following class. Come join us for this relaxing, lovely class.

Mother’s Day (and, VIP: Very Important Person) Build a Succulent Garden

Sunday | 3pm-430pm

Ages: 4+

Instructor: Victoria Hoefler

Spring Session: April 19

$25 Members |$30 non-members

Mother’s tend to love Hand-made gifts. Come put your energy into building her a garden, or one for yourself. You will get to make choices of containers, of the succulent plants, arrangement and more. Instructor Victoria Hoefler will lead you on your way and throughout this workshop.

Pom-Pom Easter Bunnies

Sunday | 3pm-5pm

Ages: 3+

Instructor: Pia Douglas

Spring Session: April 5

$10 Members |$15 non-members

Our Pom-Pom Easter Bunnies are a darling activity for the entire family from the littlest of ones on up. Come enjoy this inexpensive way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Did you know that children who have regular access to art throughout their childhood are 4x’s as likely to go on to post-secondary education?

Youth Wheel Throwing


Ages: 10-16

Instructor: Debra Weaver

Wednesdays | 4-6pm

Spring Session March 11, 18, 25 & April 1

$100 Members | $125 Non-Members

This 4-week course is developed to teach the process of ceramic Wheel-Throwing from start to finish: Stages of clay, weighing, wedging, centering, compression, hand and body positioning, throwing development, drying and glazing techniques. If you have a curious and adventurous youngster, this course can be grounding and challenging for those who are art enthusiasts. Our Program Director, Debra, will lead each student to their own independent success.

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