Authentic Surface | June 27 – July 25

Closing Reception | Sunday, July 25 | 2-4pm

On display in the Elizabeth T. Black Gallery, Authentic Surface presents the “truth” of surfaces. The work of the exhibiting artists is authentic in that the artworks do not pretend to become anything more than what they are. There is a genuine authenticity in the relationship between artistic media and the surface on which It resides. And perhaps as significantly, in so the process of discovering that surface, something beautiful, astonishing, and lasting is created.

The exhibiting artists I include John Donnelly and Joshua Eiskamp, painting; Barry Gunderson, sculpture; Todd Leech, ceramics; Joel O’Dorisio, glass; David Sapp, drawings, Stephen Tomasko, photography, Stephen Yusko, sculpture; and Jennifer Whitten, beadwork sculpture.

Kimberly Chapman | Shush | June 27 – July 25

Closing Reception | Sunday, July 25 | 2-4pm

On display in the Foundation Gallery, Kimberly Chapman’s exhibition of 100 porcelain sculptures showcases a violent side of human nature. Through the female lens, her heavily-researched narratives call upon emotionally-charged sociopolitical issues. She uses the same sought-after material that kings, queens, and emperors craved for their elegant dinnerware and oversized ornamental vases. However, here the porcelain manifests a woman’s worst nightmare.

Hauntingly eerie and delicate, Chapman keeps a predominately white palette emphasizing the clay’s raw beauty with occasional flashes of molten gold or aged bronze. Some surfaces are marble smooth. Others are layered, fractured, or frosted like cake.

Chapman says she makes art to cast light on the injustices women and children have had and continue to confront. “We all know that throughout history, art has reflected its time. I like to think my sculptures provide a small window, a looking glass, to that effect. “

Reach Gallery | E.D. Jasbeck | Unmasked

May 29 – July 10

E.D. Jasbeck has a compelling story to tell in her first solo exhibition at the REACH Gallery. E.D. (pronounced “Edie”) has unleashed her creative talent this past year while going through a life-change transformation. In her words, “She arrived on this planet with no memory of how she came to be here. Throughout her life, other humans told her she was a boy, so she tried to become a man. Meanwhile, she realized sometimes humans fall silent when faced with art. So, she became an artist.”

Growing up in Cleveland Heights, E.D. had the opportunity to take art lessons at the Cleveland Museum of Art. Experiencing different cultures, she travelled to Spain in 5th grade and, as an adult, lived in England for 14 years before moving to Colorado. Earning a B.A. in English, E.D. admits in hindsight that her degree should have been in the visual arts.
Always an outsider in the past, E.D. believes she is witnessing the emergence of a future that embraces human diversity in all forms. As traditional structures break down, global online communities are popping up, based on common interests, rather than geographical proximity. With both voluntary and unlimited means there is less pressure on individuals to conform and creativity thrives.

E.D. works with all types of mediums to take us through her journey to freedom through self-transformation. Her amazingly beautiful, sometimes haunting works lean toward portraiture, most coming from sheer imagination.

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