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Our Galleries will be CLOSED as we prepare for our upcoming exhibitions on August 28.
The Gallery Shop, Education Wing, and Spotlight Gallery remain open.

  Elizabeth T. Black Gallery

The Eye’s Mind | Photography

August 28 – October 16

Participating Artists:
Jeff Benedetto, Stephen Calhoun, Braxton Daniels III, J. Leopold Francl, Tina Gutierrez, Larry Hamill, Irv Oslin, Kate Shannon.

This exhibition will feature the talented works of eight Ohio Photographers, offering a glimpse into the world around them. Each artist brings a unique approach to the medium, honoring tradition while pushing the craft forward by challenging the viewer to re-evaluate the possibilities of what Photography is and can be.

 Foundation Gallery

Joseph Maibach | Paintings

August 28 – October 16

Joe Maibach can tell you how long it took him to paint a painting based on how many Pabst Blue Ribbons he drank while he was painting it. If you asked him what he was painting, he would say he just thinks of cool shit, and paints it. That’s true, but the “cool shit” he’s painting arises undoubtedly from his love of nature and human anatomy. The shapes and figures in his paintings tend to swirl into each other and toggle back and forth between recognizable form and abstraction.

During the day Joe works as a prosthetic technician fabricating prostheses for people that have suffered a loss of limb due to accident or amputation. Joe went through his own experience with amputation when he lost his leg to cancer at fourteen, which gives him a rare insight and opportunity to use his love of art to help those who are facing the challenge of relearning to use their body.

“Plants, Animals & Body Parts” is the result of a man coming home to relax in the garage and have a few beers amongst his pile of wood, tools and lawnmower, and in Joe’s case, paint and canvas. It’s a culmination of years of sketching in class as a kid, making up superheroes, figure class in college, sitting in the backyard looking at nature, fabricating prosthetics, and shooting groundhogs, making their way somehow onto the canvas and into the gallery.”

Spotlight Gallery

 Jennifer Winkler & Students

July 17 – August 21, 2022

Jennifer has been professionally painting for many years, beginning with commissioned portraits back in high school. In college her concentration switched from painting to sculpture, specifically lost-wax aluminum casting and steel fabrication. Throughout college and in the years after she won several awards and art competitions. She ahs worked as a sculptor for a water park feature manufacturer, sculpting their life-size prototypes in addition to being a sign painter, muralist, and figure painter for a wooden carousel manufacturer.

Jennifer is now passionately engaged in a teaching career at Smithville High School, where she is actively shaping and elevating young artists to reach their full potential. This exhibition will be a call and response of creation between the Teacher and the Student, showcasing the talents of Jennifer and the Smithville Smithies.

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“Enriching the lives of all children, families and adults through the arts with gallery exhibitions, art education, artist workshops, and related activities.”

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