On-line Entry Submission Help

Use the following steps to enter an On-line Entry Submission:

  1. Click on the "ON-LINE ENTRY FORM" button on either the Home page or the Details page.
  2. On the "login to an existing account" page
    1. Enter your Email and Password for your Mansfield Art Center account.
      If you do not have a Mansfield Art Center account, See Register for an Account
    2. Click "LOGIN"
  3. On the "buy submission tokens for..." page
    1. Select the number of Submissions in the drop-down box. Note: you can buy additional Submissions if needed later.
    2. Click the "Purchase of Submissions is non-refundable." check-box.
    3. Click "PAY FOR SUBMISSION".
  4. On the "cart" page

    Your Cart displays the items you wish to purchase.

    1. To pay for the items in the Cart click "PROCEED TO CHECKOUT".
      • You can make adjustments to the number by clicking "Change Quantity".
      • You can also add additional items if desired.
  5. On the "checkout" page
    You can pay for the items by using either a Credit/Debit Card or a Bank Account through ACH.
    Credit/Debit Card:
    1. Enter your Card number, Expiration Date, CVV and Zip Code.
    2. Click the "PAY WITH CREDIT CARD" button.
    Bank Account (ACH):
    1. Enter the Account Holder's Name.
    2. Click the "PAY WITH BANK ACCOUNT" button
    3. Follow the prompts
  6. On the "checkout successful" page
    1. For your records you can click the "PRINT THIS PAGE" link.
    2. Click the "ON-LINE ENTRY FORM" button.
  7. On the "on-line entry form for..." page
    1. Enter or Update your Personal Information as needed.
    2. Select a Delivery Date and Pickup Date.
      Note: To submit a Digital entry, select "Digital Submission" as the Delivery Date and upload the image for each entry.
    3. Enter all fields for each submission. The Image field is only required for Digital Submissions.
      If additional submissions are needed, you can purchase them by clicking the "PURCHASE SUBMISSIONS" button and following the same steps as above.
    4. Click the "SUBMIT" button.
  8. On the "summary card for..." page
    1. if adjustments need to be made, click the "ON-LINE ENTRY FORM" button.
    2. Once all information on the form is correct:
      1. Click the "PRINT THIS PAGE" link at the top of the summary card page
      2. Print the page and attach the Entry Label to each submitted art piece.
      Note: if you do not have a way to print, the Mansfield Art Center personnel will be more than happy to print your form for you.

Delivering your submissions:

  • For Digital Submissions bring the Printed page and art pieces to the Mansfield Art Center between the Digital Submissions dates.
  • For Non-Digital Submissions bring them to the Mansfield Art Center on the Delivery Date selected.

To return to the "ON-LINE ENTRY FORM" at a later date:

  • Click on the "ON-LINE ENTRY FORM" button on either the Home page or the Details page.
  • or
    1. Click on the "MY MAC" > "DESKTOP" menu option.
    2. Click on the "FOR ARTIST" button in the "My MAC" section.
    3. On the desired exhibit section click "EDIT"