The first collaborative fundraiser event between Mansfield Art Center and CACY took place at a private Cork & Easel painting event last week. It was coordinated by Tracee Anderson who is Executive Director at CACY, and the Mansfield Art Center staff. CACY, or Community Action for Capable Youth, is a non-profit organization which provides prevention for violence; tobacco, alcohol, and drug abuse; and problem gambling services to Richland County communities. CACY has programs in place designed to help develop healthy and capable young people, while working to promote healthy lifestyle choices. This commitment to improving quality of life is through education and prevention activities.

Twenty-three people attended the Cork & Easel Fundraiser event which was held in one of the classrooms at the Mansfield Art Center. Refreshments were provided by CACY, which encouraged early arrival and pleasant conversation. No prior painting experience was required to join the group because Emily Volz, MAC instructor, provided excellent step-by-step guidance during the paint project. She instructed them on how to paint a big block letter “O” with the word “Ohio” painted across it, and when completed, some of the painters personalized their work by painting their names on their artwork. Each artist added their own personal touch of creativity and all paintings turned out worthy enough to be displayed in public!

The anticipated enthusiasm for the event was well met, and when asked about plans for future fundraisers, Ms. Anderson said, “We have three fundraisers scheduled for the for the next 7 months: Richland Gives On-line Giving Day, Richland Mall gift wrapping and Operation Street Smart public training. If another Cork & Easel event is planned, discussion resulted in having it in the winter months.”

Funding for CACY is from state and local grants, private donations, sponsorships, fundraising activities, Richland County Mental Health and Recovery Services Board, and United Way. CACY is accredited by the Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services and has many youth prevention services available, as well as programs for parents and community awareness programs.