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Fused Glass “A vessel of many color”

with Pia Douglas

Next session: December 18th, 2020

$95 More Info

Fused Glass Art 

 Friday | December 18

 4-6 pm

 Instructor: Pia Douglas

      Age: 16+ 

 $90 members | $95 non-Members

Glass fusing is easy and the results are beautiful. 

Most contemporary fusing methods involve stacking or layering sheets of glass.The stack is placed inside the kiln until the separate pieces begin to bond (fuse) together. The glass is then allowed to cool slowly over a specified time.  

Fired a second time the piece is then slumped over form or mold to give it its final shape. Each firing takes approximately 10 to 12 hours . 

Participants will receive an email to pick up their fused glass pieces after firing in approximately one week after the workshop.

Safety in the Glass Studio

1. Always wear safety glasses when cutting glass and using equipment.

2. Keep hair tied back.

3. Do not wear articles of clothing or jewelry that hang off the body loosely.

4. Do not wear open toed or open heeled footwear (i.e., flip-flops, sandals or clogs) in the glass studio. Wear long pants during class.

5. Do not use any equipment without an instructor present. 

For the safety of everyone we recommend social distancing and masks are required. Due to covid-19 we can only accommodate a maximum of  8 people for this class, so register soon!

A waiting list will be available.

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