Just Local Folk – The Andy Hudson Collection 

September 29 –October 28 | Main Gallery

“Amelia Flying Over Columbus” – Larry Frank

Just Local Folk, curated by Thomas Arlen Wagner, will feature over 180 pieces of Andy Hudson’s personal collection of outsider & Columbus, Ohio artists spanning 35 years.  Andy Hudson has been a fixture on the Columbus scene, as both artist and collector, for more than 30 years.  In the mid 80’s, he was a founding member of three local art nonprofits: ACME Art Company, an alternative arts gallery that championed the work of both established & aspiring artists; Glass Axis, a collective glass studio with a national reputation; and ROY G BIV Art Gallery, another member artist space which will soon join Glass Axis in the growing Franklinton Arts District.  Andy, recently retired from OSU, has also been a longtime member of the Ohio Art League.

Watch Andy give a glass blowing demo: Here

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Maggie Meiners – Revisiting Rockwell

September 29 –October 28 | Foundation Gallery

“Skin Deep” – Maggie Meiners

In Revisiting Rockwell, Meiners has meticulously recreated scenes from Norman Rockwell’s cover illustrations for The Saturday Evening Post with her camera, reframing contemporary issues in a series of uniquely American genre scenes.

While Rockwell produced his work from staged photographs which acted as a template for his paintings and illustrations, Meiners’ Revisiting Rockwell series explores his work in a manner in which the photograph is the final product.  With each scene Meiners creates, she includes a nod to dozens of the elements in Rockwell’s work.  At the same time, she contemporizes his work by weaving into her images social issues and physical elements more suggestive of today.  With Revisiting Rockwell Meiners explores whether the nostalgia of Rockwell’s work translates into today’s rapidly changing lifestyles.  The big revelation one finds is that while the American landscape has changed many ways, there is much that remains the same.

Great article on Maggie here: Artsy article


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