This year marks the 47th annual event of Holiday Fair at the Mansfield Art Center. As with previous Holiday Fairs, the design of our Holiday Fair announcement and poster art is created by one or more of our staff or board members. For this week’s post, as a little side tribute to this year’s Fair, I’d like to show some examples of past Holiday Fair designs. It is interesting to see the progression of how technology has changed our world. For example, note the announcements from the 1970’s, which were typed, and the art pasted on the layout. As the years moved along, so did the way of graphic design. Now we use software, allowing for more flexibility in the visual design.

In the late 60’s and into the 70’s, an “original” would have been made by putting each part of the design element into the layout separately. For example, a graphic artist would use lettering from large transfer sheets and measure each space for each letter and place the letter accordingly. The art could have been painted, or drawn, perhaps photographed and would have been pasted with an adhesive onto heavy paper or card stock. Hopefully the artist did not make a mistake or they would need start all over. If the transfer sheets did not have the desired font or size, the letters would be drawn before lastly going to print.

By the late 1980’s the first MacIntosh desktop units were catching on, along with the software for word processing, drawing and desktop publishing. Pagemaker was one of the first page publishing apps and was bought by Adobe in the early 1990’s and became the forerunner for what we now know as InDesign, the app now used prominently in the graphic design industry.

Now in the millennium, digital software is used throughout the graphic design industry. At the Mansfield Art Center we use the latest Adobe software for creating layouts and design. We can easily create drawings (Vector) and incorporate photographs into the designs and we print most of our mailers from our own color printer. We can still create awesome art, and we have much more flexibility with our visual outcome.

We hope you appreciate our continued efforts in providing a Holiday shopping experience that is unique to Mansfield. Please join us at our 47th Annual Holiday Fair, scheduled to begin November 19. There will be a preview party on Friday, November 18 from 6-8pm, with cocktails and hors d’oeurves by Karla Rupp and harp music performed by Brenda Ellcessor. You may register by calling us at 419.756.1700 and prepaying $25.00. The 47th Holiday Fair is sponsored by Richland Bank and is a premier show of fine craft and functional art.