The Mansfield Art Center has a commitment to students of all ages.  Our Intern Program is part of our commitment to students furthering their education by studying the arts and art education at our local universities and colleges.

Our intern program responsibilities range in scope to extend each interns view of working within the world of the arts.  Exposure and application in learning and teaching art in multiple mediums at varied age levels, exposure to program development, learning about marketing, development and data, knowledge of exhibit curating as well as sales in art, stakeholder exposure and most of all working intricately within the Mansfield Art Center team.

The Mansfield Art Center’s competitive positions run throughout the fall term (September-December), winter term (January-May), as well as the summer term (June-August). Most positions are part-time (20-hour/week), with one summer full-time (40-hour week) summer position.

If you are interested in becoming an intern at the Mansfield Art Center, please contact our Executive Director, George Whitten, with information of your interest and why you feel your artistic talents, professional development, interest in teaching and outgoing personality would be a good fit for one of our positions.

Rochelle Brown: Winter/Summer Intern 2020

Becoming an intern at the Mansfield Art Center has been a dream of mine for many years, and now, I am finally able to say with great pride, that it has come true. I have never met such inspiring people in my life as I have in this small, but impactful, building. All the way from the directors, the instructors, to even the people that have come in to take classes. Every person I have met while working here has given me such inspiration to keep pursuing in the arts. The Mansfield Art Center has given me a sense of a second home, with a second family that I know I will never be able to forget years down the road. Each and every one of the workers here have taught me different aspects that I will need to know in my future artist career. I am learning to become a better instructor for every age range; learning to create many different projects; how to set up and take down for art shows; and lastly, even learning about important finances and details that someone may not think about when trying to pursue in the arts. I do not regret for a single day that I am an intern at The Mansfield Art Center. The only wish that I have is to become a full time worker in the future. – Rochelle Brown

Jennica Adams: Summer Intern, 2019

“In summer 2019, I was given a wonderful opportunity to be a part of an amazing team that works with young kids in the city I grew up in. Throughout my life, I have always enjoyed art and it is an activity that has built me into the person I am today. This is why it was so incredible being able to work alongside these kids and watch them get excited with the projects we would do. When I first joined the outreach team, I was nervous—I recently graduated high school and never worked this kind of job before. Program director, Debra Weaver immediately made me feel very welcome in the environment and consistently rooted for each one of the intern’s success. Leading some of the activities we would do, pushed me out of my comfort zone and really gave me a new sense of self. Through working with Debra and the rest of the team, this experience has left me with more patience, confidence, and stronger communication and analytical skills that have better prepared me for college and my future. This is an opportunity I am so grateful to have received; it has shaped and prepared me for life ahead.”  -Jennica Adams

Our Intern Program is made possible with the support from: