When visiting the Mansfield Art Center you can now vote for your favorite piece of art at one of our kiosks or by using our mobile App. Voting through our app will reward an artist for their outstanding achievement and you will also have opportunities to win prizes by taking our brief survey.  You can download our free “Mansfield Art Center” app at the Apple Store or Google Play.

Two ways to vote:

Visit the art center and register to vote on our Kiosk. Once registered, you can then immediately vote on your favorite work.


Download the free “Mansfield Art Center” app from the Apple Store or Google Play to your mobile device. You can do this at home before you visit, or during your visit at the Art Center. When you visit, your device will be geo-tagged allowing you to cast your votes anywhere anytime.


  1. I downloaded the app, and I can see the art work…but why can’t I vote? 

You must physically visit the Art Center with your mobile device to be able to cast a vote.  You cannot download the app after your visit and cast a vote. Your geo-tagged device unlocks the voting option in the app.

      2. Do I have to download the app for different exhibitions? 

No. Once you’ve downloaded the app, it will update along with our exhibition schedule.  You do; however, need to visit the exhibition with you mobile device each time in order to vote.

   3. What’s the deal with the survey? 

Taking the survey awards you an additional vote, and registers you for a prize drawing.  It’s really short, and you could win something.

    4. I don’t own a mobile device and I don’t like computers, can I still vote?

Yes.  Stop in and one of our associates will be happy to help you vote on one of our kiosks.


Any additional questions may be addressed to jerry@mansfieldartcenter.org




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